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ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is a framework used to evaluate the sustainability and ethical impact of a company or investment. Environmental factors refer to a company’s impact on the planet, such as its carbon footprint and use of natural resources. Social factors focus on how a company treats its employees, stakeholders, and communities, including diversity, labor rights, and community engagement. Governance relates to a company’s leadership, ethics, and transparency in decision-making. In simpler terms, ESG is a way of assessing how well a company balances its environmental responsibilities, treats people fairly, and operates with integrity and good governance.

Our Climate Change & Sustainability Services


Optec goes beyond typical annual or quarterly reporting with our monthly BuildingFax™ report, which informs you of the ongoing health of your mechanical systems, tracks the water and energy intensity of your properties, and shows opportunities for optimization. By receiving this information monthly and in conjunction with the integration into service platforms for continuous monitoring, you have the greatest chance of reducing costs and meeting your energy and water usage goals.

Annual Benchmarking

No matter how large or small your portfolio, the local benchmarking laws that apply to each of your assets can be difficult track. Complete whole-building data can be hard to collect, submission requirements vary by jurisdiction, and the fees for noncompliance can be costly. Our team manages annual benchmarking for you from data collection and validation through submission to ensure you are always in compliance and you never miss a deadline.

Beyond Benchmarking

Beyond basic benchmarking ordinances, many local jurisdictions have passed or are passing alternate energy and sustainability-related ordinances, such as energy audit requirements, building performance standards, or greenhouse gas emissions limits. We track these additional regulations for your portfolio and inform you of necessary next steps to ensure that you stay in compliance with these laws. We also research and track upcoming new regulations to ensure that you don’t miss any new requirements.

Sustainability Tracking and Goal Setting

Our team is here to help you at every step of your sustainability journey, including helping you determine reasonable resource reduction targets and setting up the roadmap to help you get there. We not only help clients track their sustainability targets at the property and portfolio levels, but we provide actionable solutions to make your desired reductions a reality.

Constant Commissioning

Optec offers constant commissioning and issue resolution for mechanical systems through our partnership with NGage, an alliance of nationwide contractors. Our monitoring technology detects and resolves electrical and mechanical issues proactively, resulting in energy and cost savings. Additionally, properties with NGage demonstrated 37% higher energy savings compared to similar properties without the NGage system in our largest portfolio.

Project Recommendations

With Optec’s vigilant monitoring, your building data is constantly compared to a curated library of building efficiency projects. Discover tailored opportunities to save energy and reduce emissions that align perfectly with your building's unique conditions, accompanied by actionable steps to implement.

GRESB Reporting

Optec performs energy, water, and waste data collection, aggregation, and verification to ensure that the performance data being reported to GRESB is as complete and accurate as possible. We will work with your GRESB reporting team to collect and review other information as needed to ensure that your final submission is comprehensive and reflects accurately on your portfolio’s sustainability initiatives.

GHG Calculations

In addition to reporting on your sites’ energy and water usage, our team can provide greenhouse gas calculations for your assets to aid in carbon reduction and efficiency projects, benchmarking comparisons, and carbon offsetting.

Energy Star Integration

Effortlessly sync and report your data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager with our integrated platform, empowering you to benchmark your performance against other commercial buildings and contribute to a greener future. Join the world of sustainability data automation, unlocking valuable insights about your assets and showcasing your commitment to responsible stewardship

How are we different

Data Quality & Validation

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, but mismanagement can occur when unreliable data is used. At the core of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to data quality, recognizing that data forms the bedrock of intelligent business practices. Through our BuildingFax™ reports, we deliver dependable reporting, while our NGage service platform empowers us to drive enhancements in performance, fueled by robust and trustworthy data.

Real-time Monitoring

Optec provides constant commissioning of mechanical systems and full-circle solution from Detection to Resolution of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical issues through our NGage service platform. Our monitoring technology provides continuous scanning of your electrical and mechanical systems for signs of required maintenance and potential property damage. Our NGage platform quickly flags these issues to the property team and immediately matches a vetted local professional that can be engaged to resolve it.

Drive Impact

Driving Real-Impact

Our passion is to drive visible and measurable change at the property and portfolio levels. We partner with trusted vendors for energy and water efficiency projects with an optimal ROI, resulting in emissions and water reductions and cost savings. We also work with clients to ensure local benchmarking requirements are met. In contrast to typical energy audits performed on a 5-10 year cycle, our constant commissioning of mechanical systems provides energy and water savings by addressing ongoing problems as they arise. We go beyond annual or quarterly reporting, providing monthly BuildingFax reports to monitor the health of mechanical systems, track the energy and water intensity of a property, and find opportunities for optimization.


Cost Optimization

Our pricing analytics ensures fair pricing, cost control.

Resource Optimization

Processes streamline resource utilization, promoting efficiency.

Drive Impact

Operational Efficiency

Management platform ensures timely, efficient repairs.

Waste Reduction

Repair before replace approach minimizes landfill waste, pollution.

Energy Conservation

Timely repairs enhance energy efficiency.

Optec Consulting Plans

Let us breath life into your ESG strategy.

No matter your starting point or aspirations, Optec offers a tailored solution for your portfolio, whether you’re embarking on your ESG journey or aiming to elevate your existing program.


Our services include:
  • Direct meter data capture (where applicable)
  • Automated utility bill sync and validation (where applicable)
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration
  • Building attribute and equipment tracking
  • Performance target tracking
  • Portfolio- and building-level reports
  • Onboarding and training

Other Services

  • ECM project identification
  • ECM project M & V
  • Load analytics and smart diagnostics
  • Data trending and visualization
  • Consumption and demand alerts
  • Program management

We operate to help clients achieve their compliance and sustainability goals, which leads to cost savings and increased efficiency.

We want to help every client reap cost savings, reduce their energy intensity, reach their decarbonization goals, and further their ESG practices.

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