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Monitoring and analytics offer early detection of issues, optimized performance, and allow for predictive maintenance for mechanical systems, providing owners and operators with peace of mind through timely issue identification, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings. Leveraging data-driven insights enables, informed decision-making, leading to improved asset management and increased productivity.

Just-in-Time Maintenance

Monitoring and analytics enable just-in-time maintenance by continuously monitoring equipment and systems, collecting data on their performance, and identifying potential issues or anomalies in real-time. This data-driven approach allows for proactive interventions and targeted maintenance, ensuring that maintenance activities are performed precisely when needed, optimizing resource allocation, minimizing downtime, and maximizing the operational efficiency and lifespan of the assets. By leveraging analytic insights, building owners can avoid unnecessary scheduled maintenance tasks and focus their efforts on addressing crucial maintenance needs, resulting in cost savings and improved overall maintenance effectiveness.


An Evolution


Failure-based maintenance:

Equipment was fixed when it failed


Calendar-based maintenance:

Scheduled ‘preventive’ maintenance


Just-In-Time (JIT)
“True condition-based” maintenance:

Use data to eliminate issues as they reveal themselves in their early stages and anticipate equipment failures

Optec’s just-in-time maintenance solutions are a set of comprehensive tools for measuring, detecting, and alerting you to:

HVAC/R Health

Utility Usage

Indoor Air Quality

Water Leaks


Reduced Downtime

By continuously monitoring mechanical systems, owners can detect anomalies and potential issues in real-time, allowing for timely preventive actions to mitigate risks and avoid costly breakdowns.

Optimal Efficiency

Analytics enable data-driven insights to optimize the performance of mechanical systems, identifying inefficiencies and implementing improvements that enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and maximize equipment lifespan

Just-in-Time Maintenance

Through monitoring and data analysis, just-in-time maintenance strategies can be implemented, ensuring timely interventions and minimizing unplanned downtime, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

Improved Decision-Making

Monitoring and analytics provide valuable information to owners and operators, enabling them to make informed decisions, prioritize investments, and allocate resources effectively, resulting in optimized operations and better overall asset management.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

(Based on data from over 25k customer service projects)


Reduction in equipment replacement


Reduction in repair and maintenance cost


Increase in asset life

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