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Optec revolutionizes the approach to equipment and facility management, empowering you with a toolkit to easily identify the source of an issue and connecting you with the manpower to take the issue from DETECTION to RESOLUTION.


Property owners and operators are grappling with a perfect storm of factors, including the need to find skilled workers, reduce costs, increase asset value and report on ESG metrics to stakeholders and for local regulations.


Continuous Detection of Issues

By continuously monitoring mechanical systems, owners can detect anomalies and potential issues in real-time, allowing for timely preventive actions to mitigate risks and avoid costly breakdowns.

Eliminate Emergency Repairs

By identifying issues before they become emergencies, building owners can minimize unexpected disruptions, reduce repair costs, and ensure the smooth operation of the property, leading to increased satisfaction and overall operational savings.

Pinpoint Root Cause

Using real-time data to identify the root cause of issues helps by enabling targeted and efficient problem-solving, reducing recurring issues, and optimizing maintenance efforts to improve the long-term functionality and performance of the property.

Replace Scheduled Maintenance with Just-in-Time

Just-in-time maintenance outperforms scheduled maintenance because it allows building owners to optimize resource allocation, minimize downtime, and address maintenance needs precisely when they arise, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Increase Energy and Water Efficiency

We help increase energy and water savings efficiency by providing real-time insights into consumption patterns, identifying areas of inefficiency, and enabling data-driven optimization strategies to reduce waste, lower costs, and promote sustainable operations.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

Continuous monitoring and analytics help increase equipment lifespan by providing early detection of potential issues, and data-driven maintenance strategies, allowing proactive interventions that optimize equipment usage, minimize wear and tear, and extend the overall lifespan of the assets.

Alliance of Contractors

Our alliance of contractors helps building owners save money by leveraging collective expertise, negotiating power, and streamlined processes to achieve cost efficiencies, competitive pricing, and optimal project execution, ultimately reducing expenses for associated repair, replacement, and maintenance projects.

Increase Asset Value

By integrating continuous issue detection, eliminating emergency repairs, pinpointing root causes of issues, implementing just-in-time maintenance, leveraging monitoring and analytics for energy savings and equipment lifespan, and utilizing an alliance of contractors, the comprehensive approach to building maintenance enhances the overall performance, efficiency, and sustainability of an asset, thereby increasing its market value.

ESG & Sustainability Reporting

We are more than just a reporting service. We use actionable data to help clients achieve their compliance and sustainability goals, which leads to cost savings and increased efficiency. We want to help every client reap cost savings, reduce their energy and water intensity, mitigate risk, and further their ESG practices.


Leverage the Data

Optec’s monitoring system integrates with new or existing systems to find issues.

Correct the Issues

Issues causing energy waste or inefficiencies are quickly resolved by Optec’s alliance of contractors.


All history is tracked and reported for compliance and transparency.

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